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Stay active

At the time of writing this most of us are in lockdown except for those who are an essential worker. This in itself means we will all have to take extra measures to ensure we can keep up with a certain amount of physical activity whilst being restricted to one outside activity, ie. a walk, run or cycle a day.

Your own individual circumstances in terms of the level of self isolation you are having to adhere to will determine what you will be able to do. It’s surprising though what exercise you can do even if you’re confined to a small space in the back bedroom of your house with kids/pets running around!

Exercise at home

If you are used to going to the gym or exercise classes like Pilates it will initially seem frustrating that you’re unable to attend.

Having to exercise from home shouldn’t stop you doing the exercise you love though. Find a space in your home where, with little to no equipment, you will be able to build your own routine or you could try a video routine you find online. You may have to take it in turns with your partner to look after the kids so you can both fit in your exercise but this might be a great way of breaking up the long days of isolation!

Even if you’re not used to doing a lot of exercise now might be a great time to start. Doing some simple exercise like squats onto a chair, lunges, planks and pushups to name but a few will help break up the day and avoid any injuries from sitting too long and being generally inactive.

Getting out for a walk, run or bike ride

This is  a great time to up your current routine or start a new one. If starting a new routine, it is important to start off sensibly. Starting with a short 15 to 20 minute walk and slowly increasing the duration of your walk each day is a good plan. If you feel up to it incorporating short stints of jogging into your walks will certainly up the intensity.

Remember, some of the main benefits of getting outside are the mental ones. So whether it be going out for a tough long run or gentle walk with your family, try to enjoy your surroundings and take in the fresh air…we all need it!

Benefits of staying active

As Osteopaths we are always encouraging people to be more active in their day to day lives and there is no time like the present.  It has been shown that regular exercise reduces the incidence of back pain as well as releasing endorphins, the feel good hormones.

Whatever your age or ability, if you need some guidance, please call the Clinic on 01256 702140 and one of our Osteopaths would be happy to help.

Stay safe and stay active, better times are to follow I’m sure!