Whether you are looking to relieve muscular pain, reduce tension, increase flexibility, or just aid relaxation, deep soft tissue massage can help.

Soft Tissue Massage reduces muscular tension by increasing the blood supply and lymph fluids, stretching out the muscle fibres and other soft tissues and breaking down any knots or adhesions. By reducing muscle tension, the joints become more flexible and general mobility improves as well as reducing aches and pains.

Our team of Osteopaths are now offering massage appointments and some of our patients are taking advantage of this service, interspersing massage with osteopathic treatment. The advantage of this approach is that patients are not only massaged by therapists with extensive knowledge of the neuromuscularskeletal system but also by therapists that already understand their existing problems.

What to expect from your therapist
If you have not already been treated by one of our Osteopaths, a history will be taken followed by a postural assessment and examination in order to tailor the massage to your needs. Various techniques can be used including:

  • Work on trigger points
  • Soft tissue technique (firm, direct pressure) to relax tight muscles/fascia
  • Inhibition (sustained pressure) to release tight areas within muscles and fascia
  • Cross friction to create heat and loosen adhesions which is thought to result in an inflammatory response thus promoting self-healing

Whatever your condition or objectives, we would be happy to discuss whether deep soft tissue massage could help.