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Smoking: Time for a Change?

Will You Be The One Standing Outside in the Cold and Rain this Autumn? Because you’re a smoker, you are standing outside on your own or with the few other ‘social outcasts’ in the cold, wet, dark autumn weather, no longer allowed to stay indoors to smoke at work, or in bars and restaurants, perhaps even banished outside to smoke at home!

Take the step and Save

Perhaps you are happy with that situation? If not, now is a great time to take action to stop smoking. The unconscious thought of being outside in the cold and wet helps far better than attempting to quit as a ‘new year’s resolution’. Add to that the thought that an average twenty a day smoker will save in the region of £500 before Christmas by quitting now and it makes perfect sense to do it right away.

Sadly, there is no ‘easy way’ to quit smoking, despite all the ‘hype’ that you may see and hear. However, it is true that there is research showing that hypnotherapy could be the most successful way to help you to stop smoking. In fact there is research indicating that you are almost twice as likely to quit smoking with hypnotherapy as you are with patches, gum or other drugs. You do still need some willpower (which I can help you with), a belief that hypnotherapy can help you, (and of course, a deep desire to want to quit). If all these things are in place then there is no reason why you shouldn’t be successful in giving up that expensive, health damaging, disgusting habit.

Garry’s Guarantee

Garry Coles, hypnotherapy specialist at the Odiham Clinic believes that the ‘Release’ Hypnotherapy method of quit smoking devised after many years of research, and used successfully with hundreds of people, (many travelling from all over the country due to word of mouth testimonials), to be the very best available.

In fact, he is so confident with his methods that he offers a guarantee, that if you have any problems whatsoever, you can return for another session absolutely free. The number of people who require this extra support by way of the free backup session average at around only 2 or 3 per year! Clients over the years who have required more than one free backup can be counted on the fingers of one hand!

So, don’t delay, contact Garry now for a warm, dry, smoke free winter!