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My Hypnotherapist Made Me Pregnant!

It sounds like a salacious headline from the tabloids, doesn’t it? Actually, hypnotherapy is being used far more widely in assisting with conception than many people realise. It is estimated that one in six couples in the UK experience difficulties with conception and of these around a quarter have no obvious cause and are therefore considered to be cases of unexplained infertility.

Overcoming difficulties with Conception

Garry Coles, Hypnotherapy Specialist at The Odiham Clinic is a qualified and experienced ‘Fertile Body Method’ specialist, who has helped numerous couples achieve their goals of becoming parents, has seen innumerable times how unexplained infertility can eat away at someone, causing many relationship and sexual issues in both partners and imparting a very stressful period in life.

Stress can cause tremendous changes in the body’s biochemistry and rhythms and in the woman, can inhibit the production of progesterone and increase production of prolactin both of which will inhibit conception. Excessive stress can also lead to anovulation (irregular menstrual cycles). In the male excessive stress could have an impact on sperm production.

There are also many deep rooted psychological factors to be taken into account when trying to conceive. Perhaps there are deep rooted fears about suitability for parenthood, the relationship, financial issues etc.

Setting the Mind at Rest

At a very basic level hypnotherapy can help with de-stressing and relaxation, thereby helping to rebalance the biochemistry of the body. Analytical hypnotherapy can assist by uncovering and working through any of the ‘hidden’ fears.

Hypnosis can also be a useful tool to be used in conjunction with other infertility treatment, for example hypnosis has been clinically proven to double your chance of successful IVF.