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Prevention is better than cure

I have previously talked about what you can do to help yourself if you sustain an injury. However, having been practising as an Osteopath for 25 years, I have seen a staggering amount of injuries that could have been prevented. So from an Osteopath’s perspective, I would like to now explore the concept of ‘prevention is better than cure’.

The cost of curing

Back pain affects up to 80% of us at some point in our lives and we are all prone to occasional strains or sprains, whatever our lifestyle. The NHS spends more than £1 billion per year on back pain related costs but even more money is lost through workplace absence for musculoskeletal disorders and the resulting aches and pains. However, it is not only the monetary cost of this, but the debilitating affect this can have physically and mentally, if the condition becomes a long term chronic issue.

Changing our mind-set

In some areas of health, we follow the mantra ‘prevention is better than cure’. Most of us visit the dentist twice a year and the optician at least every other year. We even MOT our car every year – but what do we do about our musculoskeletal system? Most of us only consider having a regular check up on our body if we have suffered pain before and benefitted from being treated by a manual therapist, such as an Osteopath.

I would like to take you through a typical scenario I see every day. A patient consults me with a muscle spasm in their low back (this could just as easily be neck, shoulder, knee or any other joint in the body), which they sustained when they bent over to pick something inane up off the floor. They are perplexed by how suddenly it came on and when I explain that it was just the straw that broke the camel’s back, they are surprised. The musculoskeletal system is no different to any other system in the body. In most cases the illness is gradually developing before we actually feel the symptoms, you don’t suddenly become diabetic overnight! Your back is exactly the same.

MOTs and Osteopathy

When you are feeling healthy and free of pain, seeing an Osteopath will be the last thing on your mind, but having an MOT yourself can help to make sure that your body is functioning correctly and avoid injuries in the future. A typical Osteopathic MOT would involve a thorough examination, a postural assessment, treatment and provide you with any advice you need to keep healthy.

MOT offer

A discount is available for patients who choose to have regular MOT’s. Terms and conditions do apply, so please call the Clinic for more details.

So why not start looking after yourself, as well as your car!