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Don’t Study Last Minute – Start Now!

Many students are now back at school, college or university. Now is the time to be putting good study habits into place. Don’t wait to become panicky students around exam time seeking last minute help with issues such as exam nerves and memory recall.

Hypnotherapy can be very beneficial in dealing with both of those issues. However, it can also be used for speed reading, memory retention, concentration, revision motivation and techniques.

Garry Coles, hypnotherapy specialist at the Odiham Clinic, regularly assists students of all abilities in these areas.

Now is the time to be concentrating on putting those good habits into place with the help of hypnotherapy not leaving it (and your projects and revision, until the last minute). This can save you a lot of stress later along with the potential disappointment later.

Be the smart student – and start now in getting everything in place for exam success.