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Better Backcare for Children

Did you know that it was considered unusual to have a child complaining of back pain? Unfortunately, it has recently become much more common and as an Osteopath, I see a meaningful number of children of all ages, including babies.

What are the causes of back pain?

Back pain is categorised as follows:

  • Specific, meaning there is an identified cause for the pain, e.g. a curvature (scoliosis), infection, fracture, tumour etc. This type accounts for only a small percentage of cases.
  • Non-specific means that there is no specific structural reason for the pain. This group makes up the majority. It is more common in girls than in boys and in children aged 12 and over.

For most children and teenagers, the cause of back pain is poor posture, being obese, having a sedentary lifestyle, carrying a heavy schoolbag, soft tissue strains and sprains and injuries from strenuous sports.

These are the issues I see in my Clinic and treat successfully with Osteopathy, giving advice on lifestyle and prescribing appropriate exercises. Most patients self-refer but if you are concerned that the pain is ‘specific’, please seek advice from your GP first.

Most parents would agree that children and teenagers slump around the house, if allowed to!

So what can you do?

Spinal Checks for BackCare Awareness

In support of the BackCare Awareness campaign, I am offering Spinal Checks for children at the cost of £10. This is deductible from any subsequent treatment within 3 months of the Spinal Check.

So start educating your children to take better care of their backs now before the bad habits set in!