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A pain in the neck!

Nearly all of us have experienced pain in the neck at some point but as our lifestyle has changed over the years so has the type of issues that I treat.

The biggest change has been in how much time people spend on screens and the subsequent impact on our posture.

Why is a good posture important?

We all know that a good posture is important and it is not just so we look good. The benefits go way beyond vanity. Adopting the right posture means that we put less strain on our body.

The effects of a pooChristina Hood, Principal Osteopath

r posture are numerous resulting from the increase in pressure on structures of the spine and internal organs.

You will notice a difference in how much you can expand your lungs if you compare taking a deep breath in by simply slumping and then repeating with a good posture. Experts say that the lung capacity can be reduced by up to 30% when slumping. Digestion and circulation can be impacted in a similar way.

However, from an Osteopath’s perspective, I treat the people experiencing muscular, joint and disc pain.

What causes ‘Text’ Neck?

Yes, there is now a medical term for this condition caused by too much screen time – ‘Text’ Neck.

Remember that the head is the heaviest part of the body and adopting the position with head forward and down, for extended periods, results in as much as 6 times as much force through the muscles and joints of the neck.

So no surprise that this posture can lead to stiffness/tightness/pain in the neck and shoulders, intermittent or constant headaches and pain into the arms. If left untreated, a ‘text’ neck can lead to chronic pain, inflammation in the ligaments of the neck, nerve irritation and even postural changes that can become permanent.


  • Try to maintain a good posture by aiming to keep your ears over your shoulders and then correctly set your shoulders by rolling them backwards
  • Take regular breaks from your screen about every 20 minutes – stand up, roll your shoulders and gently move your neck up/down, side to side and over each shoulder.

How can Osteopathy help?

If you are suffering from this common problem, Osteopathy can help you to improve your posture, relieve pain, strengthen your neck muscles and give you strategies on how to avoid a recurrence.

So, let us help you to address the issue before it potentially becomes irreversible.